Validate commit messages according to various presets

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Validate Commit

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Validate commit messages according to various presets


npm install validate-commit --save-dev


Even though there are a couple of other packages that do this, this one has a few quality of life changes.

  • Lets you decide how to validate the commit messages (see here)
  • It validate commit files coming from both strings and files
  • Supports the following presets:
  • Supports ignore patterns
  • Uses chalk module to color messages
  • Logging can be muted via SILENT environment variable


With Husky

E.g., using Husky.

"scripts": {
  "commitmsg": "validate-commit-msg"

From CLI

$ validate-commit-msg 'chore(package): some message'
$ validate-commit-msg -p eslint 'New: Awesome feature'
$ validate-commit-msg -p ember '[DOC beta] Update'
$ validate-commit-msg -p jshint '[[DOCS]] Awesome JS docs'
$ ...

When a wrong commit message is given it outputs an explaination.

$ validate-commit-msg 'unknown(something): wrong'
# 'unknown' is not an allowed type!
# Valid types are: feat, fix, docs, style, refactor, perf, test, chore, revert

However you can mute it:

$ validate-commit-msg -s 'unknown(something): wrong'

Validate a commit with .git directory in another location

$ validate-commit-msg --mf ../../some/.git/module/COMMIT_EDITMSG

Within node

var validateCommit = require('validate-commit').validateMessage;
validateCommit('chore(package): some message'); // > true
validateCommit('New: Awesome', { preset: 'eslint' }); // > true
validateCommit('Unk: Awesome', { preset: 'eslint' }); // > false
// > The word "Unk" is not an allowed tag.
// > Valid types are: Fix, Update, Breaking, Docs, Build, New, Upgrade.
process.env.SILENT = true;
validateCommit('Unk: Awesome', { preset: 'eslint' }); // > false



validateMessage(message: string, ?options: object)
validateMessageFromFile(file: string, ?options: object)


This module, like many others, installs an executable in ./node_modules/.bin.

~./node_modules/.bin$ ./validate-commit-msg
  Usage: validate-commit-msg [options] [command]


    validate-commit-msg <message>  validate a message
    help [cmd]                     display help for [cmd]

  Validate commit messages according to various presets


    -h, --help             output usage information
    -V, --version          output the version number
    -p, --preset <preset>  specify a preset (angular|atom|eslint|ember|jquery|jshint) [angular]
    -s, --silent           mute log messages [false]
    --mf --msgfile         relative path to COMMIT_EDITMSG file 


npm i


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