Script to validate a commit message follows the conventional changelog standard

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This provides you a binary that you can use as a githook to validate the commit message. I recommend ghooks. You'll want to make this part of the commit-msg githook.

Validates that your commit message follows this format:

<type>(<scope>): <subject>



You can specify options in package.json

  "config": {
    "validate-commit-msg": {
      "types": ["feat", "fix", "docs", "style", "refactor", "perf", "test", "chore", "revert", "regexp jira\\-\\d+", "regexp jira\\-\\d+\\s?[feat|fix|docs|style|refactor|perf|test|chore|revert]"], // default
      "warnOnFail": false, // default
      "maxSubjectLength": 100, // default
      "subjectPattern": ".+", // default
      "subjectPatternErrorMsg": 'subject does not match subject pattern!', // default
      "helpMessage": "" //default


These are the types that are allowed for your commit message. If omitted, the value is what is shown above.

Types support validate jira plugin Git Integration for JIRA 's format now. For example git commit message:

jira-666: WoW! I can validate commit message for jira now.

jira-667 feat: support jira git plugin now.

You can also specify: "types": "*" to indicate that you don't wish to validate types

You can use custom regexp in "types" to validate some special types, For example:

// in package.json
"types": [
  "regexp \\[git\\-\\d+\\]\\s?task"

// in commit message
[git-0730] task: support custom RegExp in types now.

** Must start with RegExp and Can't use (): in types' RegExp. **


If this is set to true errors will be logged to the console, however the commit will still pass.


This will control the maximum length of the subject.


Optional, accepts a RegExp to match the commit message subject against.


If subjectPattern is provided, this message will be displayed if the commit message subject does not match the pattern.


If provided, the helpMessage string is displayed when a commit message is not valid. This allows projects to provide a better developer experience for new contributors.

The helpMessage also supports interpoling a single %s with the original commit message.

Other notes

If the commit message begins with WIP then none of the validation will happen.


This was originally developed by contributors to the angular.js project. I pulled it out so I could re-use this same kind of thing in other projects.