Easy consistent validation for front-end or back-end.

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Validate user input on your backend or frontend without having to compose tedious error messages.

  • Chainable functions to perform multiple checks.
  • An ApiError object is thrown with a helpful user message just using your camel-case vars converted to sentence-case.
  • Hint: You can parse messages as markdown when displaying to users.


npm i validate-these


const validate = require("validate-these")

const emailAddress = "bad-email"
validate({ emailAddress }).email()
// **Email address** does not look valid.

const homePhoneNumber = "not-a-phone-number"
validate({ homePhoneNumber }).phone()
// Value for **Home phone number** does not look valid.

const firstName = "field is too long"
validate({ firstName }).notEmpty().max(12)
// Value for **First name** must be less than **12** characters.

const lastName = "a"
validate({ lastName }).min(2).max(32)
// Value for **Last name** must be at least **2** characters.

function description
notNull() Invalid if value is null or undefined
notEmpty() Invalid if it is not a string with lengh greater than zero
min(x) Invalid if string length is less than x
max(x) Invalid if string length is greater than x
greaterThanZero() Alias to greaterThan(0)
greaterThan(x) Invalid if not greater than x
lessThan(x) Invalid if not less than x
email() Invalid if not email address
match(regex) Invalid if does not pass your custom regular expression
phone(allowBlank) Invalid if not a phone number
numericString() Invalid if not a string of integers
boolean() Invalid if not true or false
strongPassword() Invalid if password is weak
oneOf(valuesArray) Invalid if it does not match one of the array values

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