Validity style validator to ensure a property is equal to some primitive value

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Validity style validator to ensure a property is equal to some primitive value. This might seem trivial, but it's useful when you are leveraging schemata for its validation and error message for something like 'agreed to terms and conditions'.


npm install validity-equal


Below is a simple example for usage with schemata:

var validity = require('validity')
  , schemata = require('schemata')
  , createValidator = require('validity-equal')

var schema = schemata(
    { waitTime:
      { type: Number
      , agreedToTerms: { all: [ createValidator(true, 'Must agree to T&Cs') ] }

schema.validate({ agreedToTerms: true }, function (error, errorMessage) {
  console.log(errorMessage) //-> undefined

schema.validate({ agreedToTerms: false }, function (error, errorMessage) {
  console.log(errorMessage) //-> 'Must agree to T&Cs'


var validate = createValidator(Mixed: value, String: failureMessage)

Equality check is done with === so value must be primitive.

validate(String:key, String:keyDisplayName, Object:object, Function:cb)

This is a validity compatible function, which in turn is used by schemata for schema validation.

The callback signature cb(err, errorMessage).

  • err is an Error object if something bad happened and null otherwise.
  • errorMessage is a String if a validation error happened and undefined otherwise.


Licensed under the New BSD License