Generate a typescript enum for defined option(s).

Usage no npm install needed!

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VAMTIGER Generate Typescript Enum

Generate a typescript enum for defined option(s).


VAMTIGER Generate Typescript Enum can be installed using npm or yarn:

npm i --global vamtiger-generate-typescript-enum


yarn add global vamtiger-generate-typescript-enum


Enum declarations can be generated from:

  • Folder Content: Enum from files for defined relative directory path
vamtiger-generate-typescript-enum --from folderContent --directory build --clipboard

Usage Options

Customiseable options can be listed:

vamtiger-generate-typescript-enum --help
Argument Short Description
--from -f Generate enum from (see From Options)
--name -n Name of the enum declaration
--clipboard -c copy enum to clipboard
--directory -d Path for enum from folder content
--help -h List help options

From Options

option Description
folderContent Folder Content