Vanilla javaScript validation library

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  import vanilaJsValidation from '';


Welcome to Vanilla JavaScript validation package

vanilla-js-validation is validation library using pure JavaScript including the following methods that can help you to validate your form inputs in easy way:

  • isCharacter

  • isValidEmail

  • isEqual

  • exceedMaxLength

  • matchMinLength

  • isNumber

  • isRequired

  • toEnglishNumber

  • isSaudiMobile


  • Step 1: npm i vanila-js-validation --save

  • Step 2: import Validation from 'vanila-js-validation';


method Paramters Return
isCharcter value true if the value is character, otherwise return false
isValidEmail value true if email is valid, otherwise return false. Email can accept domain and sub domain
isEqual value1 , value2 true if value one equals value two otherwise return false
exceedMaxLength value , expected length true if length exceed the length , otherwise return false
matchMinLength value , expected length true if length doesn't match min-length , otherwise return false
isNumber value true if the value is number, otherwise return false
isRequired value true if value length equals 0 otherwise return false
toEnglishNumber value converted Arabic numbers from Engilsh numbers

To do

  • Write More validation methods!