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vanilla-select npm version

A vanilla, lightweight (~2.5kb gzipped), configurable select box component.

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  • Lightweight
  • No Dependencies
  • Elegant API - inspiration taken from React.Component
  • Fast search


With NPM:

npm install vanilla-select --save-dev

With Bower:

bower install vanilla-select --save-dev

Or include directly:

<!-- Include CSS -->
<link rel="stylesheet" href="dist/vanilla-select.min.css">
<!-- Include JavaScript -->
<script src="/dist/vanilla-select.min.js"></script>


  const source = [{
        icon: 'fa-font',
        value: 'Amatic SC'
  const select = new Select({
            placeholder: 'Select Font',
            dataset: source,
            search: true,
            noResults: 'No results found',
            onSelected: item => callback(item)
            el: document.querySelector('[ref="select"]')


Option Definition
placeholder Type: String
Default: ''
Placeholder text
dataset Type: Array
Default: []
Equivelant to the element within a select
search Type: Boolean
Default: false
Whether a user should be allowed to search
noResults Type: String
Default: ''
The text that is shown when search has returned no results
selected Type: Object
Default: null
Default selected option
onSelected Arguments: item
Callback, invoked each time the item is selected, regardless if it changes the value


To setup a local environment: clone this repo, navigate into it's directory in a terminal window and run the following command:

npm install

Browser compatibility

vanilla-select is compiled using Closure Compiler to enable support for ES5 browsers.


Edge 15+ Chrome 41+ FireFox 35+ Opera 28+ Safari 9+

If you need to support IE11 and IE Edge14 - use vanilla-select-ie.min.js bundle. It includes element-closest polyfill.

Gulp tasks

Task Usage
gulp build Build JS an CSS
gulp serve Fire up local server for development


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MIT License