A fork of RTP Pinch Zoom without jQuery.

Usage no npm install needed!

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This is a fork of Jordan Gensler's Vanilla Pinch NPM Package


VanillaPinchZoom is a fork of PinchZoom.js with no jQuery dependency. The library provides multi touch gestures for zooming and dragging on any DOM element.

Finally, you are free of the shackles of jQuery! All you need is a modern browser.


The library exports a CommonJS module, and is designed for use with Browserify. For your conveience, a built version of VanillaPinchZoom is included in dist/, which is a standalone Browserify bundle that assigns VanillaPinchZoom on the global object.

var VanillaPinchZoom = require('vanillapinchzoom');

var myVanillaPinchZoom = new VanillaPinchZoom(document.querySelector('#your-element'), options);


tapZoomFactor:          The zoom factor a double tap zooms to. (default 2)
zoomOutFactor:          Resizes to original size when zoom factor is below the configured value. (default 1.3)
animationDuration:      The animation duration in milliseconds. (default 300)
maxZoom:                The maximum zoom factor. (default 4)
minZoom:                The minimum zoom factor. (default 0.5)
lockDragAxis            Locks panning of the element to a single axis. (default false)
updateAllElementStyles  Update all styles on element. (default false)


Pinchzoom emits some custom events you can listen to

pz_zoomstart  Started to zoom
pz_zoomend    Stopped zooming
pz_zoomin     Zoom in occurred with either zoomstart or doubletap
pz_zoomout    Zoom out occurred with either zoomend or doubletap 
pz_dragstart  Started to drag the element
pz_dragend    Stopped to drag the element
pz_doubletap  Resetting the zoom with doubletab


enable:             Enables all gesture capturing (default)
disable:            Disables all gesture capturing