Get telnet data of vantage pro 2 via telnet

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Get Data from Vantage Pro Weatherstation from Davis Instruments via telnet connection

This is not a normal NPM package at the moment, it is rather a finished program for docker


There are two options: Use the docker image, or the plain nodejs script

Nodejs Usage

  • Copy config.example.json to config.json and change your data
  • Create a MySQL / MariaDB Database with user
  • Start Programm with nodejs index.js or node .

Docker Image

  • Download Docker image from Docker Hub (n404/vantage-node)

  • run docker run -p 3010:3010 --name vantage-node -e VANTAGE_URL= -e MYSQL_ENABLED=false n404/vantage-node

  • With Custom config.json file: docker run --rm -v $(pwd)/config.json:/config.json -p 3011:3011 n404/vantage-node The Table on the MYSQL Database will be automatically generated if it is not existed


There are two options for the configuration parameter:

  1. a config.json file in the root directory of the project
  2. Configuration with environment variables (mostly for docker / kubernetes)


    "vantage": {
        "url": "" //REQUIRED, default ""
    "mysql": {
        "enabled": true | false, //required, default true
        "ip": "<database-Host>", //default ""
        "database": "<database>", //default "weather"
        "username": "<databae-User>", //default "weather"
        "password": "<database-Password>" //default ""
    "socket": {
        "enabled": true | false, //default true
        "port": 3011 //default 3010
    "saveinterval": 60 //default 60, given in seconds

List of supported environment variables

Environment Variable Description Default Value Type Required
VANTAGE_URL The URL to the Vantage-Pro Telnet adapter "" string yes
VANTAGE_PORT The Port to the Vantage-Pro telnet adapter 22222 number no
MYSQL_ENABLED If MYSQL should be used true boolean yes
MYSQL_IP The MYSQL Host (IP or Hostname) string no
MYSQL_PORT The Mysql Port 3306 number no
MYSQL_DB The MYSQL Database name weather string no
MYSQL_USERNAME The MYSQL Database user weather string no
MYSQL_PASSWORD The MYSQL database password "" string no
SOCKET_PORT The Port the websocket-Server should listen on 3010 number no
SOCKET_ENABLED If websocket should be enabled true boolean no
SAVE_INTERVAL the interval the data should be saved in the MYSQL Database 60 number no

Websocket Usage

On the Websocket port there will be sent the packages as soo as they get received from the vantage-pro station. You can use these packages with any (web-client or nodejs-client for example). The Packages have the following structure:

    "barometer": 986.8407885386599,
    "dayrain": 0,
    "inhum": 26,
    "intemp": 22.722222222222225, 
    "outhum": 82, 
    "outtemp": 9.722222222222221, 
    "rainrate": 0,
    "winddir": 258, 
    "windspeed": 0


/test =>

    "code": 200,
    "message": "Test successful"

/healthcheck(used for internal docker checks):

if healthcheck is ok (HTTP Statuscode: 200):

    "message": "Packages are valid", 
    "code": 200, 
    "value": 1234 // timestamp of last Telnet package in MS

if healthcheck is not valid: (HTTP Statuscode: 500)

    "message": "Packages are outdated and invalid!",
    "code": 500, 
    "value": 1234 //timestamp of last Telnet package in MS


Values are -1 if not set (for example after program restart) (like in barometer)

  "value": {
    "barometer": -1,
    "dayRain": 0,
    "inHumidity": 29,
    "outHumidity": 71,
    "outTemperature": 17.055555555555557,
    "inTemperature": 22.944444444444443,
    "rainRate": 0,
    "windDirection": 147,
    "windSpeedMax": 0,
    "windSpeed": 0
  "message": "Last Dataset of Weatherstation",
  "code": 200

If your have any problems, fell free to create an issue to contact me