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Vask (which was originally called Brask)

System Requirements

  • Node.js
    • Direct Install
    • Alternative, Recommendation for MacOS.
      • Install Homebrew
      • Use Homebrew to install node-build and nodenv : Refer to Nodenv for instructions.
  • git
    • For MacOS users, this comes with XCode or the UNIX Command Line tools.

Operating System

  • *nix system such as:
    • Apple MacOS (currently executing on MacOS 10.13.x High Sierra)
    • Linux such as Ubuntu (not officially tested, but should work)
    • BSD Unix (not officially tested, but should work)
    • etc

Window's users could consider running a VM or installing "Windows Subsystem for Linux". Note: This is untested, and currently not supported.

System Dependencies


Install the tooling via NPM. It should be installed globally.

Using the terminal, start a new shell of your choice, and enter the following:

npm i -g vask