All VBB stations and their fare zones.

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  import vbbFareZones from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/vbb-fare-zones';



All VBB stations and their fare zones. Other cities than Berlin are still missing.

This list is generated from vbb-stations. The build script uses shapefiles, and queries tickets from each station to Berlin as a fallback. Actually, information like this should be open data published by VBB.

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npm install vbb-fare-zones


The npm package contains a file for each zone. Each file contains an array of station IDs.

To get stations of a single zone, require the corresponding file:

const insideA = require('vbb-fare-zones/a.json')


To get all zones, require the whole module:

const {A, B, C} = require('vbb-fare-zones')

console.log(A, B, C)


  • vbb-fare-zone – Fetch fare zone information for given VBB stations


If you have a question, found a bug or want to propose a feature, have a look at the issues page.