UI component for displaying a journey like in Google Maps.

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  import vbbJourneyUi from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/vbb-journey-ui';



virtual-dom UI components for displaying a journey like in Google Maps.

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screenshot of vbb-journey-ui


npm install vbb-journey-ui


renderJourney returns a virtual-dom tree, which you can put into the DOM or convert to an HTML string.

const {DateTime} = require('luxon')
const ms = require('ms')
const createVbbClient = require('vbb-hafas')
const createRenderJourney = require('vbb-journey-ui')
const toString = require('virtual-dom-stringify')

const formatTime = (when) => {
    return DateTime.fromJSDate(when, {
        zone: 'Europe/Berlin',
        locale: 'de-DE'

const formatDelay = (delay) => {
    if (delay === 0) return null // todo: show +0
    const color = Math.abs(delay) >= 30 ? '#c0392b' : '#27ae60'
    const text = delay < 0
        ? '-' + ms(-delay * 1000)
        : '+' + ms(delay * 1000)
    return h('span', {style: {color}}, [text])

const renderJourney = createRenderJourney(formatTime, formatDelay, {})

const vbb = createVbbClient('my-awesome-program')
vbb.journeys('900000003201', '900000024101', {results: 1, stopovers: true})
.then((journeys) => {
    const tree = renderJourney(journeys[0])


createRenderJourney(formatTime, formatDelay, [actions]) => renderJourney
renderJourney(journey, [detailsFor], [actions]) => virtualDomTree

formatTime must be a with the signature (when: Date) => string.

formatDelay must be a with the signature (delay: number) => string.

actions may be an object with the following methods:

  • actions.hideLegDetails(i)
  • actions.showLegDetails(i)
  • actions.selectStop(stopId, [stationId])

journey must be a Friendly Public Transport Format 1.0.1 journey object.

detailsFor may be an array of journey.legs indices that additional info like passed stations shall be shown for.

renderJourney returns a virtual-dom tree.


If you have a question or have difficulties using vbb-journey-ui, please double-check your code and setup first. If you think you have found a bug or want to propose a feature, refer to the issues page.