Fetch all departures at any set of VBB stations.

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vbb-monitor 🔭

Fetch all departures at any set of VBB stations. (You may get blacklisted.)

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npm install vbb-monitor


const monitor = require('vbb-monitor')

const stations = ['900000100003'] // array of station ids
const interval = 2 * 60 * 1000 // every two minutes

const departures = monitor(stations, interval)
.on('error', console.error)
.on('data', console.log)

setTimeout(() => {
    departures.stop() // stop querying
}, interval * 3)

The stream will emit Friendly Public Transport Format 1.0.1 departures, looking like this:

    journeyId: '1|26644|13|86|16012018',
    station: {
        type: 'station',
        id: '900000100005',
        name: 'U Alexanderplatz [Tram]',
        location: {
            type: 'location',
            latitude: 52.522389,
            longitude: 13.414495
        products: {
            suburban: false,
            subway: false,
            tram: true,
            bus: false,
            ferry: false,
            express: false,
            regional: false
    when: '2018-01-16T14:22:00.000+01:00',
    direction: 'S+U Hauptbahnhof',
    line: {
        type: 'line',
        id: '4250',
        name: 'M5',
        public: true,
        product: 'tram',
        mode: 'train',
        symbol: null,
        nr: null,
        metro: false,
        express: false,
        night: false,
        operator: {
            type: 'operator',
            id: 'berliner-verkehrsbetriebe',
            name: 'Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe'
        productCode: 2,
        class: 4
    trip: 26644,
    delay: 1080

Note: A stream created by calling monitor(…) does not stop calling the API if you unpipe it. You need to manually call departures.stop().

To manually issue a single departures check at a station, use departures.manual(id). The result will be emitted in a data event like all others.


If you have a question, found a bug or want to propose a feature, have a look at the issues page.