A simple command line concatenation tool

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A simple concatenation command line tool built with Node.js streams.
Basically, it is a JavaScript version of Unix's cat utility program.


npm package

You might want to install vcat as a development dependency:

$ npm install vcat --save-dev

Or just install it globally:

$ npm install -g vcat


To use vcat, you need to pass input files with the -s or --source option, then pass an output path with the -o or --output option.


The basic use case, reading files and concatenating to a new file:

$ vcat -s src/*.js -o bundle.js

If an option is not passed, vcat will use the standard input/output, meaning basic piping is possible:

$ vcat -s src/*.js | grep 'Hello World'
$ (date; echo "Hello World") | vcat -o output.txt
$ vcat -s src/*.js | transpilerProgram


This software is licensed under MIT.