A dropdown menu consisting of a list of items which can be selected.

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<script type="module">
  import vclDropdown from '';


VCL dropdown

A dropdown menu consisting of a list of items which can be selected.


  • Selectable item.
  • Disabled, selected, selectable, highlighted states.
  • Group header.
  • Separator.
  • Item label and optional sub-label.
  • Item with prepended icon.

The highlighted state takes precedence over the selected state because only one item can be highlighted (for caret based navigation for example) and even if an item is selcted at the same time, this needs to be visible.


The main purpose is selection of an item from a given list of items. From an ARIA point of view this can be a menu or a listbox. Both variants are visually identical.

The example below has ARIA attributes denoting it as menu.

menu example

The example below is a dropdown with listbox semantics. In this example, multiple items are already selected. Also sub-labels or items are used.

listbox example


  • vclDropdown
  • vclDropdownItem
  • vclDropdownItemLabel
  • vclDropdownItemSubLabel
  • vclDropdownItemGroupHeader
  • vclDropdownItemGroupHeaderLabel
  • vclSeparator


For vclDropdownItem

  • vclSelected: To visualize items that are currently selected.
  • vclDisabled: To disabled items (make them unavailable for selection).
  • vclHighlighted: To mark the caret position for keyboard based navigation.


  • --dropdown-border-color
  • --dropdown-bg-color
  • --dropdown-item-color
  • --dropdown-item-sub-label-color
  • --dropdown-item-bg-hover-color
  • --dropdown-item-hover-color
  • --dropdown-item-sub-label-hover-color
  • --dropdown-selected-item-bg-color
  • --dropdown-selected-item-color
  • --dropdown-highlighted-item-bg-color
  • --dropdown-highlighted-item-color
  • --dropdown-disabled-item-bg-color
  • --dropdown-disabled-item-color
  • --dropdown-separator-item-border-color


example.html on GH-pages.