List of navigation items arranged as tabs.

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VCL tab-nav

List of navigation items arranged as tabs.


  • Two style variants.
  • Four orientations.
  • Rich tab-labels.
  • Justified tab alignment.


The tab bar containing the tabs is built from a unordered list and the vclTabs class. It contains n vclTabs. The tab items can be made of anchor tags or just textual. An anchor tag is only needed if users should be able to open a tab in a different window by an URL. Buttons can be embedded as shown in the example below to offer an additional interaction. A tab with only a button, for example to open new tabs like in the example below contains just a button as tab content. The selected tab vclSelected is visually highlighted and can be disabled via vclDisabled.

basic example

In terms of accessibility, the following example with proper ARIA attributes is optimal.

basic no links

Apart from buttons, tabs may also contain other components like a badge as in the example above. To get proper margins, all elements within a vclTab get the vclTabLabel.

Add the modifier class vclTabStyleUni for uni colored tabs. This style is more suitable for showing tabs unobtrusively within content textual for example.

uni example

The class vclTabbable is used to create a wrapper for the tabs and the content area. The content area can be built from various components such as a panel or the included classes vclTabContent and vclTabPanel.

By default tabs are laid out as shown above. Different layouts are possible as shown below.

Modifier class vclTabLeft.

left1 example

left2 example

Modifier class vclTabRight.

right1 example

right2 example

Justified tabs can be achieved using the appropriate layout attributes.

uni example


  • vclTabbable: Wrapper of tab bar and tab content area.
  • vclTabs: Tab bar.
  • vclTab: Tab.
  • vclTabLabel: Optional class for the label(s) inside the tab.
  • vclTabContent: Optional content area.
  • vclTabPanel: Optional inner content area.


For vclTabbable

  • vclTabsLeft
  • vclTabsRight
  • vclTabsBottom
  • vclNoBorder: remove any border from vclTabContent and vclTabs.

For vclTabs

  • vclTabStyleUni
  • vclTabNavJustified

For vclTab

  • vclSelected
  • vclDisabled


Normal Variant

  • --tab-nav-border-color
  • --tab-nav-tab-bg-color
  • --tab-nav-tab-bg-hover-color
  • --tab-nav-tab-bg-selected-color
  • --tab-nav-tab-bg-disabled-color
  • --tab-nav-tab-border-selected-color
  • --tab-nav-tab-disabled-color
  • --tab-nav-tab-color
  • --tab-nav-tab-selected-color
  • --tab-nav-tab-hover-color
  • --tab-nav-tab-button-label-color
  • --tab-nav-tab-button-label-hover-color
  • --tab-nav-tab-button-selected-label-color

Uni Variant

  • --tab-nav-tab-bg-color--uni
  • --tab-nav-tab-bg-selected-color--uni
  • --tab-nav-tab-bg-disabled-color--uni
  • --tab-nav-tab-color--uni
  • --tab-nav-tab-hover-color--uni
  • --tab-nav-tab-color-selected--uni
  • --tab-nav-tab-disabled-color--uni


example.html on GH-pages.