helper that creates virtual-dom input widgets that call a funtion when input changes

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<script type="module">
  import vdomWatchedInput from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/vdom-watched-input';



Creates an input widget that passes events to a function of your choice


const h = require('virtual-dom/h')

const input = require('vdom-watched-input')

let value = ''

function updatevalue (event) {
  console.log('... received event', event)
  value = event.target.value

function render () {
  return h('div', [
    new input(updatevalue, {
      classname: 'i-has-class',
      type: 'text',
      value: value



input(function callback (event), hyperscriptProperties, eventname)

callback(event) will be run when the event is triggered with the event as the only function argument

hyperscriptProperties are passed directly to virtual-dom/h

If hyperscriptProperties contains a property named enterFn that is a callback function, an event listener will be set for keypresses to run the callback function when the enter key is pressed

eventName defaults to 'input', but for input types like 'checkbox' it is better to use 'change'