Node.JS wrapper for Statens Vegvesens NVDB REST APIs

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NodeJS wrapper for Statens Vegvesen's NVDB REST APIs


npm install vegvesen

You can also download it manually.


var VegvesenClient  = require("vegvesen");
var vegvesen = new VegvesenClient();

    vegvesen.vegobjekter.spesifiktVegobjekt(82559833, function(obj){

All methods are loaded dynamically when connect() is called. This is dictated by the specification of the API. So for an up-to-date guide, check the official documentation.


If the API endpoint url changes, you can provide an optional argument in the constructor

new VegvesenClient("https://api.endpoint.url");

You can also provide an optional options object to change request and response parameters

new VegvesenClient("https://api.endpoint.url", {
    requestConfig: {
     timeout: 1000,
        noDelay: true,
        keepAlive: true
    responseConfig: {
        timeout: 1000 //response timeout 

Function names are based off of the "rel" property of each API object. So e.g.

<ressurs rel="spesifikt-vegobjekt" uri="/vegobjekter/objekt/{vegobjekt-id}"/>

can be accessed by calling


Some methods requires parameters, theese can be specified like:


In case a method requires multiple parameters, they can be supplied by passing an array containing the arguments, e.g.

vegvesen.vegreferanse.vegreferanseFraWgs84Koordinat([5.26835878197702, 60.38078971681345]});

To access the result of an API call, every method also takes a callback function as the last argument, e.g.

vegvesen.vegobjekter.spesifiktVegobjekt(487458622, function(data){

More examples can be found under the folder "examples"


Currently at the time of publishing this version of the module, this is the functions exposed by the API:

  • vegobjektTyper()
  • vegobjektTypeDefinisjon()
  • egenskapsTypeDefinisjon()
  • datakatalogVersjon()
  • vegobjekterAvGittType()
  • spesifiktVegobjekt()
  • sok()
  • vegreferanseFraUtm33Koordinat()
  • vegreferanseFraWgs84Koordinat()
  • vegreferanseFraVeglenke()
  • vegreferanseFraVegreferansenavn()
  • vegreferanse()
  • veglenkeTilVegreferanse()
  • regioner()
  • vegavdelinger()
  • fylker()
  • politidistrikter()
  • kommuner()
  • riksvegruter()
  • kontraktsomrader()
  • endringerObjekttype()


In version 0.3.0 build scripts was implemented. In the future, this will make it possible to build a browser compatible version of this client. As of now it isn't working, because there is still some dependencies issues that needs to be worked out. The build script however does work, and can be testet today.

To build node-vegvesen run the following command inside the root directory of the sources:

npm run-script build

This will build a bundled file, and a bundled + minified file under the dist directory. There is also a prepublish hook in the package.json that automatically builds before publishing to npm.


Do you want to help me with the development of node-vegvesen? Great! If you would like to contribute to the node-vegvesen project, please check out the contribution guide in

If you don't know how to contribute, but still have some suggestions, please create a new Issue, or contact me directly. Please check out the Contact information for more.


If you have any questions regarding the usage of this API client, just contact me through the contact information provided on the github repo, and also specified in the npm package.json


Copyright Thomas Alrek (C) 2016

This module is released as GNU General Public License version 2, see file for details. You are free to use this in your own applications. However, the data gathered from NVDB is licensed under the NLOD license (Norwegian, English). If you use the data in your application, you are required by this license to always include the following text:

Inneholder data under norsk lisens for offentlige data (NLOD) tilgjengeliggjort av Statens vegvesen.