rules for cyclists from the keepers of the cog - official source:

Usage no npm install needed!

<script type="module">
  import velominatiJs from '';



Please bear in mind, that I intentionally added the source to every rule object!

The authors of the have not replied to my request, giving their permission to publish this package. I advise you to contact the keepers of the cog, when using this code and let them know. I am very sure they are happy to know!

Please, always add the source to their website when using the quotes!

I do 100 % respect what they put out for all us cyclists around the world.

If you like their work and/or use this repo, at least buy a copy of their book on amazon.


const Velominati = require('velominati-js');

const v = new Velominati

const rule1 = v.rules[1]
// rule1.title => String
// rule2.text => String
const rule95 = v.rules[95]

// access rules 1 to 95
// => {
//   index: Integer,
//   title: String,
//   text: String,
//   source: ''
// }