Server-side datatables with sequelize, vendit edition

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Sequelize Datatables

Server-side datatables with Sequelize.


  • Node.js v7.6 & later
  • Sequelize v5


npm install sequelize-datatables


  model: SequelizeModel required,
  config: Object required,
  params: Object,
  options: Object
) -> Promise<Object>

This function takes three arguments to produce output for datatables.

  • model - required - is the sequelize model.
  • config - required - is config sent by jQuery datatables to our server.
  • params - options for sequelize query.
  • options - library specific options. See below


  • caseInsensitive: Boolean - A flag for postgresql dialec. If this is set to true, ILIKE will be used instead of LIKE Default to false.
  • replaceRegexp - A workaround in case dialect does not support native regex, but you need to search for list of exact matches, passed as regex expression, ^((?!debug|info.*)$. See working example:

Example Usage

const datatable = require(`sequelize-datatable`);
const model = require(`./path/to/sequelize-model`); // Sequelize model

// assuming you are using express

route.get(`/datasource`, (req, res) => {
  datatable(model, req.query, {})
    .then((result) => {
      // result is response for datatables


  • Test with postgresql database
  • Test with mysql database
  • Test with sqlite database
  • Support global search
  • Support individual column search
  • Support nested relation search & ordering
  • Test with another database server (mssql)
  • More tests!


You must have docker installed on your system if you want to test this module on your machine.

git clone
cd sequelize-datatable-node
npm install

# It's recommended to test this library using dockerized database engine
DIALECT=mysql npm run test:setup

# or

DIALECT=postgres npm run test:setup

# on another terminal, enter command
DIALECT=postgres npm test

# or

DIALECT=mysql npm test