Vendure plugin for using worker jobs with Google CloudTasks

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Google Cloud Tasks Vendure Plugin

Vendure version

Plugin for using Vendure worker with Google Cloud Tasks. Some services, like Google Cloud Run, don't allow any processing outside the request context, including PubSub pull subscriptions.

Cloud Tasks push messages to public HTTPS endpoint, the worker instance in this case, thus also leveraging loadbalancing of your instance.

Automatically creates queues, but doesn't delete them, because of possible inflight messages.

Plugin setup

  1. Remove DefaultJobQueuePlugin from your vendure-config. Add this plugin to your config:
plugins: [
    // Must be public
    taskHandlerHost: 'https://your-public-host/',
    projectId: 'your-google-project-id',
    // Where the taskqueue will be created
    location: 'europe-west1',
    // Used to prevent unwanted requests to your public endpoint
    authSecret: 'some-secret-to-authenticate-incoming-messages',
    // Used to distinguish taskQueues within the same
    // Google Project (if you have OTAP environments in the same project for example)
    queueSuffix: 'plugin-test',

Run dev-server

yarn serve to start a local devserver. Got to http://localhost:3050/admin to rebuild the index to trigger a worker job. Make sure you have the following variables in a local .env file for the dev-server to work.

TASKQUEUE_LOCATION = europe - west1;

:info: When running locally, make sure your local gcloud cli is authenticated.



Tech details

This plugin sets the CloudTasksJobQueueStrategy as the jobQueueStrategy. On application start queues are created and the processFunction is saved in a map<queueName, processFunction> . CloudTasks will push the jobData to CloudTaskHandler, the handler will look for the processFunction based on the given queue, and pass the jobData to the process function. logo