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Vendure Reviews Plugin

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⭐ Multiple plugins for Vendure to review about Products, Order and Company

🌟 Features

  • Ability to customer create review of the Company using with NPS
  • Ability to customer get, list, update and create review of an Product
  • Manage the state of reviews approving every changes by the customer
  • On every change of state its dispatch a new Event, so you can extend the features of this package to send email or something like that


  • Admin UI
  • Order Review

⚙️ Install

1. Install and configure Vendure

Here you can find out how to install

2. Install the package

npm install vendure-reviews-plugin --save

3. Add the plugin in Vendure configuration

import { ReviewsStorePlugin, ReviewsProductPlugin } from 'vendure-reviews-plugin';
const config: VendureConfig = {
  plugins: [

📚 How to use?

If you want to use queries and mutation of this package you can see the all on this file

❗️ License