a simple node.js webradio server

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  import venue from '';



A node.js module to create a web radio.

This will list every single file (subdirectories included) in a folder and will play them randomly while avoiding to repeat a particular song.


  • express: 4.0.x
  • walk: 2.3.x
  • "0.9.x
  • colors: 0.6.x


npm install venue


First and foremost create a server.js file and import venue

var fm = require("venue");

Then, to launch the most basic form of web radio just write


But if you want to customize every detail of the app, you can do so in this manner

    title:	"VenueFM",
     path:	"/usr/me/music",
      res:	"/usr/me/docs",
      css:	__dirname + "/stylesheet.css",
     port:	8080,

Every paramerer is optionnal. As soon as you see the line 'info - Server started, listening on port ...', the server is ready


When first launching venue, without any CSS file attached, this will be the look:

Default CSS

Yes, it's not that great, but it was intended to be very flexible, and as such, with a single CSS file and two jpegs dropped into the resource folder, here's a better result:

Custom CSS

For any curious person, here's the CSS. It will also help anyone which wants to understand what is possible and how to do it faster.


As of v0.1, venue is intended for a unique user only, however it will more or less work with multiple users.

  • If a new user connects, the current song will be discarded and a new one will be pushed to all users.
  • Every user has access to pause and forwward controls