Simple verbosity control for the console.log

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Simple verbosity control for any loggers

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This is a simple wrapper for methods of the console or the Your Favorite Logger. Verbosed can help you to control verbosity of your modules in the Node and the browsers.


npm install verbosed


var verbosed = require('verbosed');
var console = verbosed.create('my-module');

console.time('some times');
console.log('some useful logs here');
console.error('some errors');
console.timeEnd('some times');

By default all logs is disabled. But if you run node with VERBOSE you see it:

VERBOSE=true node app # see all logs
VERBOSE=my-module,other-module node app # see especial logs

or change verbosed modules on the fly:

var verbosed = require('verbosed');
verbosed(['my-module', 'other-module']); // show especial modules
verbosed(false); // hide all logs;

If you change verbosed() modules from browser console or runtime then list of modules will be saved to localStorage to log even after page reaload.

Your Favorite Logger

You can use custom logger instead default console.log. Also you can setup your own methods to decorate it:

var verbosed = require('verbosed');
verbosed.logger = require('util'); // or Your Favorite Logger
verbosed.methods = ['marsAttacks', 'megaError', 'sendSMS', 'ChuckNorrisError']; // or any methods

var logger = verbosed.create('my-module')


The module can work with browser. You can pass list verbose modules to window.verbosed():

verbosed(true); // all logs
verbosed(['my-module', 'other-module']); // especial logs

var console = verbosed.create('my-setup');

Local Storage

Module save verbosed list to localStorage key automatically. I mean that you don't need to setup verbosed modules every time when you reload your page. It just save the value for you :D


You can filter logs by devtools filter in the browsers.


Build for browser

You can get current version of verbosed in the dest/, but if you want to compile, to hack, or to debug verbosed that you can just run follow script:

npm run make

The script just compile current version of the module to dest/verbosed.js by browserify index.js -s verbosed > ./dest/verbosed.js.