Adds pull request environment variables to Vercel builds

Usage no npm install needed!

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CLI which adds pull request environment variables to Vercel builds.

It adds the following variables:

Name Description
VERCEL_GIT_IS_PULL_REQUEST An indicator that the current build has a corresponding pull request. Example: 1.
VERCEL_GIT_PULL_REQUEST_NUMBER The pull request number the build corresponds to. Example: 36. This is only set if VERCEL_GIT_IS_PULL_REQUEST is 1.


To use this, first install it as a dependency.

npm install vercel-is-pull-request

Then, update your install command to include the following command:

source node_modules/.bin/vercel-is-pull-request

If you are building a private GitHub repository add a access token through the --auth argument like so:

source node_modules/.bin/vercel-is-pull-request --auth githubaccesstoken

Screenshot of updating vercel install command to include vercel-is-pull-request

Now inside your build step you can access the added environment variables to change the build.

if (process.env.VERCEL_GIT_IS_PULL_REQUEST === '1') {
  console.log(`Building preview of pull request:${process.env.VERCEL_GIT_PULL_REQUEST_NUMBER}`)