Let your users authenticate into Verdaccio using Azure AD OAuth

Usage no npm install needed!

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Verdaccio Auth via Azure Active Directory

Let your users authenticate into Verdaccio via Azure AD OAuth 2.0 API


As simple as running:

$ npm install -g verdaccio-azure-ad-login


        # REQUIRED, Azure application tenant
        tenant: ""
        # REQUIRED, Azure client_id
        client_id: ""
        # REQUIRED, Azure application client_secret
        client_secret: ""
        # OPTIONAL, default email domain for accounts, example:
        organization_domain: ""
        # OPTIONAL, custom azure scope for users
        # Standard scope: openid profile offline_access
        # Other permissions added here will be added to the end of the standard one
        scope: ""
        # OPTIONAL, users of these groups will be allowed to authenticate
        # This requires the App to have GroupMember.Read.All permission:
          - "developer"

Logging In

To log in using NPM, run:

    npm adduser --registry  https://your.registry.local

As the username for Azure ActiveDirectory is the email addresses and cannot contain @, replace the @ with two periods ..

The address will be parsed and converted to a normal email address for authentication.

You can specify the organization_domain if most or all of your users use the same email provider or an own mail server. In this case users will be able to log in using its local part (or id) from the mail as username, being able to override the default domain via the .. convention mentioned previously.

        organization_domain: ''

User example email:
Local part: own_email
The user will be able to log in using own_email as the npm username.

How does it work?

User provides a login/password which he uses to perform auth on Azure ActiveDirectory. Verdaccio will grant access to the user only if he is in at least one of the groups from the "allow_groups" option.

This option provides a way to specify which teams and their roles should be authorized by Verdaccio. If team name is set without roles it would be treated as any role grants a successful sign in for the user. Controversial, if roles are specified within the team, Verdaccio will check if signed user has an appropriate role in the team.

After this it is becomes possible to configure team-based access.

Package Access

By default, all users connected using Azure AD will be a member of azuread group.

    access: $all
    publish: azuread # only Azure AD authenticated members will be allow to publish