Verify XRPL signed TX blob

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Verify XRPL tx blob signatures

Verify signed XRPL transactions (BLOB, hex). Can be used to verify signed XUMM transactions.

Note on MultiSigned transactions

As this lib. is meant to verify XUMM generated signatures, only the first MultiSigner will be verified in case of a MultiSigned trasnaction, as XUMM will never allow signing on behalf of more than one signer. If you explicitly want to check for a specific multisigner in a MultiSigned transaction, you should specify a second parameter containing the signer account address (r....) or PubKey hex.


// Using require():
// const verifySignature = require('verify-xrpl-signature').verifySignature

import {verifySignature} from 'verify-xrpl-signature'

const someTx = '2280000000240000000268400000000000000C73210333C718C9CB716E0575454F4A343D46B284ED51151B9C7383524B82C10B262095744730450221009A4D99017F8FD6881D888047E2F9F90C068C09EC9308BC8526116B539D6DD44102207FAA7E8756F67FE7EE1A88884F120A00A8EC37E7D3E5ED3E02FEA7B1D97AA05581146C0994D3FCB140CAB36BAE9465137448883FA487'


// In case of explicit MultiSign signer verification:
// console.log(verifySignature(someTx, 'rwiETSee2wMz3SBnAG8hkMsCgvGy9LWbZ1'))

Output (Type verifySignatureResult)

  signedBy: 'rwiETSee2wMz3SBnAG8hkMsCgvGy9LWbZ1',
  signatureValid: true,
  signatureMultiSign: false