A Hyper theme.

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Verminal is a beautiful, fully customizable, theme for the Hyper terminal.

🛠 Install

Installing the Verminal theme for your Hyper terminal couldn't be easier.

Inside Your Hyper Terminal
  1. hyper i verminal
  1. Open ~/.hyper.js in your favorite editor.
  2. Add verminal to the plugins array.
  3. Enjoy Verminal.

⚙️ Configure

Verminal aims to deliver a beautiful experience out of the box. However, you can override the font-family or font-size specified by Verminal.

  1. Open ~/.hyper.js in your favorite editor.
  2. Add a verminal object to the config object and specify fontFamily and/or fontSize.
verminal: {
  fontFamily: '"My favourite font"',
  fontSize: 16

⚡️ Contribute

Verminal is built by developers, for developers. If you are a developer and want to help improve our themes, you're more than welcome to contribute.

  1. Fork this repository to your own GitHub account.
  2. Clone to your local device: git clone<your_github_username>/verminal.git
  3. Install the dependencies: npm install

👭 Friends

🔑 License

MIT © Vernon de Goede