Command line interface for versiondb

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Version DB

A command line utility for maintaining the schema version of a database.

How it works

Version DB includes a single table in that target database that tracks which version of each product's database schema resides in the database. Every time it is run, it checks what version of a product's database schema is on the database, checks the schema file, and runs all of the scripts required to bring the database schema up to the latest version.

If a product does not exist in the database, all of the scripts will be run on the database to create a schema that is the latest version.


npm install -g versiondb-cli


To check what schemas are currently installed on a database

versiondb pg://user@password:localhost/database

To run upgrade scripts

versiondb pg://user@password:localhost/database scripts.json

JSON format

    "productname": {
        "1.0.0": "createscript.sql",
        "1.0.1": "upgradescript-1.0.1.sql",
        "1.0.2": "fix-table.sql"
    "otherproduct": {
        "2.0.0": "createother.sql"

For more information on the versiondb file bundle format, see VersionDB File Bundle.