increase version number across package.json, component.json, bower.json and other files

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Change Version information across multiple files

Changes Version information in

  • package.json
  • component.json
  • bower.json
  • any other file of choice containing a VERSION variable

Offering a module with support for npm, bower, component, ... requires to update the version information in the various files. versionn helps here to keep all the version numbers within the files in sync.

You can either use a file called VERSION in the root folder of your project which just contains the semver version, or just use the information contained in package.json, bower.json or component.json.

By default the version information is being extracted from the files in the following order.

  2. package.json
  3. bower.json
  4. component.json

Additionally any file can be used which contains the pattern

VERSION = "<semver>"

To increment the version information you can choose one of the commands:



npm install -g versionn


versionn [premajor|preminor|prepatch|prerelease|major|minor|patch|pre|same|set] [-e <file>] [-d <dir>] [-t] [-u] [filenames]

    Increase Version by ...

    Update all version tags to the first version found

set <version>
    Sets all version tags to <version>

-e, --extract <file>
    extract version information from <file>

-d, --dir <dir>
    apply versionn in directory <dir>

-t, --tag
    Set Git version tag

-u, --untag
    Delete Git version tag

-c, --commit
   Git commit with version tag

-i, --info
    Display version information of inspected project.

-h, --help
    Display help information.

    Display version.


Applies the same version to all files VERSION, package.json, bower.json, component.json:


Increment the minor version of package.json only:

versionn minor package.json

Extract the version from VERSION and increase bower.json and component.json by premajor version. Note: VERSION will NOT be increased!

versionn premajor -e VERSION bower.json component.json

Choose a different directory other that the current-working-directory:

versionn -d <otherdir>

Git-tag the version

versionn -t

Remove the Git-tag with:

versionn -u


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