VEVET - A JavaScript library

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  import vevet from '';



JavaScript library with useful stuff that is often used on websites.

npm License: MIT

What the library can do:

  • AJAX requests
  • Custom Cursor
  • Drag/Swipe *Animation (Animation Frame, Timelines, easings)
  • Canvas Slider
  • AJAX Forms
  • Menu element
  • AJAX Page routing
  • Custom Scrolling
  • Text animation
  • etc


First of all, install Vevet.

npm i vevet

Import Vevet.

import * as Vevet from 'vevet';
@import '~vevet/dist/scss/index';

The library consists of four parts, in general: Application, Event, Module and Plugin.

  • Application - this class is used to initialize Vevet. It is required by other parts.
  • Event - custom abstract events.
  • Module - the basis for modules.
  • Plugin - addons for modules.

Initialize the application.

let app = new Vevet.Application({
    prefix: 'v-',
    page: ['home']

Now you can use all the features of the library. F.e., include some modules:

@import '~vevet/dist/scss/modules/preloader';
@import '~vevet/dist/scss/modules/_preloader.scss';
// initialize preloader
let preloader = new Vevet.PreloaderModule({
    selector: '.my-preloader',
    progress: {
        on: true,
        animate: true
// add progress callbacks
    target: 'progressAnimate',
    do: (data) => {
        console.log(`Progress: ${data.progress}`);
        console.log(`Resources loaded: ${data.loaded}`);
        console.log(`Resources total: ${}`);
// launch callback when the preloader is hidden
    target: 'hidden',
    do: () => {
        alert("The preloader was hidden");