A Typescript client library that make the creation of a Vidaoo WebRTC session simple

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A Typescript library that simplifies vidaoo browser session handling.


Vidaoo's video sessions are based on native WebRTC and allows the integration with any technology capable of using this protocol.

vidaoo-browser is a Typescript library that greatly simplifies the management of Vidaoo sessions in the browser and allows the integration with Vidaoo backend hiding the native WebRTC complexity.


A basic understanding of how RxJS's Subject works is needed.

Knowledge about retrieving devices' Ids using browser API is needed if you want to use non-default devices or you want to change them during the session.


Using NPM:

npm install vidaoo-browser

Basic usage

Import required packages:

import { Subscription } from 'rxjs';
import * as Vidaoo from 'vidaoo-browser';

Joining a meeting:

// Create the Session
const session = new Vidaoo.Session();

// Subscribe to events emmited by Session
const sessionSubscription = session.emitter.subscribe((data: Vidaoo.ISessionEmittedData) => {
    // Handle data coming from Session
    // A list of all data types coming from Session is available in the documentation

// Join the meeting
    meetingId: meetingId,   // mettingId obtained from Vidaoo API
  webSocketUrl: ''   // Vidaoo base url + '/meetings'

After leaving a meeting: