Send video files to your Chromecast from your CLI, control volume, seek, pause, stop... from your terminal

Usage no npm install needed!

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For Chromecast owners: stream a local video to your Chromecast from command-line. Controls (volume, seek, pause...) are read from your terminal, and video is hosted and converted on the fly so you don't have to worry about anything!


  • Node
  • ffmpeg


npm install -g videocast


cast /path/to/file


  • Up/Down: increase/decrease volume
  • Left/Right: seek -/+ 30 seconds (seems not to be working)
  • Space: pause/resume
  • Ctrl+C: stop and quit

This is a work in progress!

What's working

  • Converting and casting to local first Chromecast found (conversion is not a gadget, tested on lots of files, without conversion many have no sound)
  • Controls on a Linux terminal

What's planned

  • Find out why 'seek' is not working
  • Check other platforms (different key codes? crappy encodings? who knows...)
  • CLI options (start time, ffmpeg output)
  • Remove dependency to ffmpeg (if possible)
  • Why not making a fully working TTY player interface?

Want to contribute?

Don't hesitate to fork and propose pull requests! When project is cloned, best way to test is using debug:

npm install
DEBUG=* ./bin/cast.js /path/to/file