Generate feed out of videos

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videofeed is a tool which generates rss and json feed in a directory of videos. It does not concern itself with deploying your rss files though.

Directory Structure

You should call this tool at the root of your videos. It will generate feed.json and feed.rss at the root. There should be a file named videofeed.toml at the root of your folder that describes some settings for the project.

It will search for all the video files in the directory and subdirectories and then tries to find following extra files. For a file as <filename>.<ext>, It will search for:

For thumbnail

  • filename.png
  • filename.jpg
  • filename.webp

For extra metadata:

  • filename.toml

For thumbnail generation, you will need to install ffmpeg. This tool has been tested in GNU/Linux. However, it should work in other platforms too.

Example videofeed.toml

title = "Example feed"
description = "Example feed"
baseUrl = ""
copyright = ""
categories = ["Technology"]

generate = true
captureAt = 300

Running this tool

Run this tool directly with npx videofeed


Dinesh Bhattarai