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A CLI program for converting video.js JSON language files into executable video.js language definitions.


$ npm install -g videojs-languages

This will install the vjslang binary on your $PATH.

CLI Usage

The vjslang binary takes any number of glob-like arguments for targeting .json files:

$ vjslang **/*.json foo/bar/*.json

If no glob arguments are given, for example:

$ vjslang

The program will fall back to lang/*.json.

Specifying a Destination Directory

By default, each converted .js file will be output alongside its source .json file, but a --dir/-d option can be used to specify a directory where all .js file(s) will end up:

$ vjslang foo/bar.json --dir baz

The directory will be created if it does not exist. If creation fails, vjslang will fall back to its default behavior.


The --dir/-d option is the most interesting/useful. For full option documentation refer to:

$ vjslang --help

API Usage

There is a very simple programmatic API that can be used in your own programs. It is used like this:

import convert from 'videojs-languages';

convert(['foo/bar.json', 'baz/*.json'], 'langs');