Custom branding logo plugin for video.js v6.x.x and v7.x.x

Usage no npm install needed!

<script type="module">
  import videojsLogobrand from '';



Add a custom branding logo inside the video.js player with options to control image size, opacity, position and visibility. Perfect for branding the media source.

Compatible to video.js v6.x.x and v7.x.x

Install logobrand

Easiest way to install is through npm

npm install videojs-logobrand --save

Include the css inside the of your index.html

<link href="path/to/videojs.logobrand.css" rel="stylesheet">

and the javascript inside the

<script src="path/to/videojs.logobrand.js"></script>

You can follow the example to understand how it works.

Initialize logobrand

var player = videojs('video');
    image: '', // image to use
    destination: '', // destination when clicked
    autoHide: false, // default is true
    width: '170px', // default is 'auto'
    height: 'auto', // default is 'auto'
    opacity: 0.7, // default is 1.0
    position: 'absolute', // default is 'static'
    top: '20px',
    right: '30px'

Feel free to fork and make any changes you want & don't hesitate to do a pull request.