An InfluxDb sink for Vidi: Metrics

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A Vidi: Metrics plugin that stores metrics in InfluxDb. Can be ran as a plugin or as a stand-alone micro-service. Should be used on collectors, not emitters.

  • Work in progress: This module is currently a work in progress.

Running as a plugin

To use as a plugin, install via npm and use in your Seneca system,

npm install vidi-metrics
npm install vidi-influx-sink
  .use('vidi-metrics', {collector: {enabled: true})

Running as a micro-service

A demo micro-service can be found in srv/demo.js and ran via npm. Simply clone this repository locally and run,

npm install; npm run demo

The demo runs in collector mode and tracks any data emitted by toolbag to it's default port. It makes a great springboard for a custom micro-service tailored to your needs. Check the Org for additional plugins that can be dropped in to add more functionality.


  // The name the plugin is registered with
  plugin: 'vidi-influx-sink',

  // The role that is used when adding the sink
  role: 'metrics',

  // Batch save settings
  batch: {
    // Max per batch before write
    max: 5,

    // Force write timeout
    timeout: 500,

  // The plugin will disable on InfluxDb Error
  enabled: true,

  // InfluxDb settings
  influx: {

    // The host influx is running at
    host: 'localhost',

    // The port influx is running at
    port: '8086',

    // The username for influx
    username: 'metrics',

    // The password for influx
    password: 'metrics',

    // The database name
    database: 'vidi_metrics'


The Vidi: Insights org encourages open and safe participation.

If you feel you can help in any way, be it with documentation, examples, extra testing, or new features please get in touch.


Copyright (c) 2016, Dean McDonnell and other contributors. Licensed under MIT.