ViewPager componnent for React Native

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This is the ViewPager componnent in React Native both for Android and iOS. This is a JavaScript-only implementation of pager for React Native. Like ListView, this can render hundreds of pages without performance issue. Better than the one in Android, this ViewPager can auto play -- turn page automaticly, loop -- make infinite scrolling.


Demo project is here.


  1. Run npm install react-native-viewpager --save
  2. Code like this:
var ViewPager = require('react-native-viewpager');

More configuration

  • dataSource: this is require to provide pages data,
  • renderPage: this is require to render page view,
  • autoPlay: true to turn page automatically,
  • initialPage: to set the index of the first page to load,
  • isLoop: true to run in infinite scroll mode,
  • locked: true to disable touch scroll,
  • onChangePage: page change callback,
  • renderPageIndicator: render custom ViewPager indicator.
  • initialPage: show initially some other page than first page.

Page Transition Animation Controls

  • animation: function that returns a React Native Animated configuration.


var ViewPager = require('react-native-viewpager');
    animation = {(animatedValue, toValue, gestureState) => {
    // Use the horizontal velocity of the swipe gesture
    // to affect the length of the transition so the faster you swipe
    // the faster the pages will transition
    var velocity = Math.abs(gestureState.vx);
    var baseDuration = 300;
    var duration = (velocity > 1) ? 1/velocity * baseDuration : baseDuration;

    return Animated.timing(animatedValue,
      toValue: toValue,
      duration: duration,
      easing: Easing.out(Easing.exp)


MIT License