Continuos Testing & Delivery Agent for vigour projects

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Sentinel is a cli tool that facilitates testing, building and deploying of projects into Travis workflow. It also notifies about failed and success results on the following integrations:

  • Slack ( just that for now :) )


1. Testing

  • Sentinel runs npm test script and get it's exit code result to know how many tests have failed.
  • If your npm install or npm test script executes any other third party tool, make sure that this returns the correct exit code. That way we can send the correct notification and travis can set the correct build result (passing or failing).

Exit Codes: > 0 means failure; = 0 means success

2. Building

  • Sentinel will run npm build script since the project is configured to do at sentinel.branches on pakcage.json file

3. Deploying

  • Sentinel deploy distribution files to a specific github branch (dist-BRANCH)
  • Sentinel will unignore build files in .gitignore file that match build.* pattern. It can be configure as an array on package.json file at sentinel.unignore

Configuring your project

First, you need to know whether your repository is private or public because Travis has different URL locations for them.

  1. Access one of the URLs above
  2. Login with github, don't forget to give permissions to organization level
  3. Select your repository in your account settings inside Travis.
  4. Go to the repository settings in Travis and provide SENTINEL_SLACK_WEBHOOK environment variable. IMPORTANT! this must be set as private/hidden/sensitive.
  5. create a .travis.yml file with the following configuration:
  language: node_js
    - "5.0.0" #all the versions you want to be tested
      - master #all the branches that will trigger travis
      - develop
      - staging
    - npm install -g gaston #as we use gaston to test we need to install it beforehand
    - npm install -g vigour-sentinel #required
    - sentinel #required
    - sentinel --notify-fail #required
  sudo: required
    - docker