Native status bar control

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Status bar

Enable status bar customizations


npm i vigour-statusbar


The plugin will be used to modify status bar properties.

// plugin on init will expect to receive back the current status bar configuration
// passed as an object, eg: {network: 'wifi', model: 'iPhone 6s'}
var sb = require('vigour-statusbar')

// setting status bar display
sb.display.val = 'top' // or hidden || overlay

// setting status bar background properties
sb.backgorund.color.val = '333'
sb.backgorund.opacity.val = 0.5

// setting status bar text properties
sb.text.color.val = 'ccc'
sb.text.opacity.val = 1

// all properties are obervables as always!
sb.text.color.on('data', () => {
  // text color is changed!

See for more use cases tests