CLI Semver autoincrement with major, minor, and patch.

Usage no npm install needed!

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Using Semver to increment your package.json (and bower.json, component.json) npm version based on the major, minor, patch. Your cwd can be a child of the directory where your JSON config files reside – Vik will recursively find them thanks to ParentPath!

Install: npm install vik -gwith -g (global) npm will automatically add vik to your $PATH.

Vik Screenshot


  • Increment major: vik major or vik major+;
  • Increment minor: vik minor or vik minor+;
  • Increment patch: vik patch or vik patch+;

You can also decrement the versions with minus:

  • Decrement major: vik major-;
  • Decrement minor: vik minor-;
  • Decrement patch: vik patch-;


  • -t/--tags – Git tag the repository with the version;
  • -p/--push – Push the Git tag to the repository;

Example: vik minor -tp.