A proxy for Vim NetBeans connections

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A proxy for Vim Netbeans connections.


Connect to a host from behind a firewall, or connect to an IPv6 host. (Vim only supports IPv4 for netbeans)

MIT License

Starting the proxy

To specify which host and port the proxy should bind to, set the environmental variables HOST and PORT. Then start:

npm start

Connecting to the proxy

in vim:

Connect to host:port with password pass through a vim-netbeans-proxy on proxyhost:proxyport:


If omitted, the host will be localhost, and the port will be 3219.

If you are running vim-netbeans-proxy locally on the default port, you can omit proxyhost and proxyport:


and if the service to connect to uses the default port and no password, you can omit port and pass: