Queries for Evernote notes and presents them as a stream of Vinyl objects.

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Evernote to Vinyl

Run a query against an Evernote account and convert the returned notes to the Vinyl absract file format. This allows Evernote notes to be used in Gulp pipelines.

Using the Module

The module provides a src() method that can be used to begin a Gulp pipeline in much the same way that gulp.src() is normally used:

var evernote = require('vinyl-evernote');

gulp.task('default', function (){
  return evernote.src(query, config)

The query parameter uses the Evernote Search Grammar. So an example might be:

notebook:"Mark Birbeck's Blog" updated:month-1

which would retrieve all notes that have been updated in the last month, from the notebook called "Mark Birbeck's Blog".

The configuration parameter contains a developer token and a value to indicate whether this token applies to the sandbox testing environment, or to the normal Evernote area. An example might be:

  "token": "S=xxx:U=xxxxxx:E=xxxxxxxxxxx:C=xxxxxxxxxx:P=xxx:A=en-devtoken:V=x:H=xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx",
  "sandbox": false

An Example

An example might be to:

  • take notes from a particular folder;
  • remove any Evernote Markup (ENML);
  • treat the remaining text as Markdown and convert to HTML, and then;
  • push to S3:
var gulp = require('gulp');
var es = require('event-stream');
var config = require('config');

var Buffer = require('buffer').Buffer;

var evernote = require('evernote-to-vinyl');
var marked = require('gulp-markdown');
var s3 = require('gulp-s3');

gulp.task('default', function (){
  return evernote.src(config.evernote.query, config.evernote)
    .pipe( (file, cb){
      evernote.utils.removeENML(file.contents.toString(), function(err, plainText){
        file.contents = new Buffer(plainText);
        cb(null, file);
      gfm: true,
      tables: false,
      breaks: true,
      pedantic: false,
      sanitize: false,
      smartLists: true,
      smartypants: false,

This could be run as a cron job on Heroku to provide a backup of notes.