Shapes of violin chords.

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Violin chords

Generate shapes of chords for violin


sudo yarn global add violin-chords
# or
sudo npm install -g violin-chords


violin-chords [note][accidental][chord]

# e.g.

violin-chords cmaj7
violin-chords a#6
violin-chords ebmaj7
violin-chords g#+


c, d, e, f, g, a, b, h

We use German naming, i. e. a# === b === hb

accidentals (optional)

#, b


maj, min, +, 0, 6, 7, maj7, min7



example output

  • The numbers (in hex (a === 10, b === 11)) represent interval in semitones above tonic. E.g. 0: tonic, 4: major third, 7: perfect fifth (dominant), b: major seventh.
  • The first line (without dots) represents empty strings. Lines have a semitone distance
  • It's up to the player to choose a comfortable fingering.
    • choose all the numbers if possible, or as many as possible
    • choose the more significant tones. e.g. b matters for the character cmaj7 more than 4 or 7
    • you may want 0 (tonic) at the lowest played string