create a virtual index.js for listed repositories

Usage no npm install needed!

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  import virtualIndex from '';



Virtual index.js for your repositories


Access all your exports from selected directories in your project from a single entry point. It utilise repositories names, files names and exports names as a structure and put it in an object.


npm install --save virtual-index


In the test folder of the project, you will find a fixture repository. The npm test command will launch it. Let's view it's structure:

|-- fixtures
    |-- example1.js
    |-- example2.js
    |-- exemple3.js
    |-- deep-example
        |-- deep-example1.js

Each .js files in this structure has it own sets of exports. The expected virtual index object exposed by this structure will be:

  fixtures: {
    example1: {
      exemple1a: 'a',
      exemple1b: 'b'
    example2: {
      exemple2a: 'a2',
      exemple2b: 'b2'
    example3: {
      exemple3a: 'a3',
      exemple3b: '3b'
    'deep-example': {
      'deep-example1': {
        deepExemple1a: 'deep_a',
        deepExemple1b: 'deep_b'

Poorly name choices were made to make a statement: You shall name your directories and files correctly !!


const virtualIndex = require('virtual-index')['/somedirectory','someotherdirectory'];

For now virtual-index in ment to be use as you want to, put it in a global varable, in your main file, or where ever you want. This choice will probably be implement as some kind of options in the future.


  • Add options to select or ignore some files or exports
  • Add warnings on directories and file namings