An 'as simple as it gets' WebRTC example.

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Virtual Temple

Post-COVID Congregational Technologies

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Video conferencing server for group meditation sessions and other congregational activities.


  • use stunnel+nginx


  • runit:
    sudo mkdir    /etc/sv/virtual-temple              &&
    curl -L |
    sudo tee      /etc/sv/virtual-temple/run          &&
    sudo chmod +x /etc/sv/virtual-temple/run          &&
    sudo ln -s    /etc/sv/virtual-temple /var/service &&
    sudo sv enable virtual-temple                     &&
    sudo sv start  virtual-temple
  • docker (TODO):
    curl -L |
    tee docker-compose.yaml                           &&
    docker stack deploy --compose-file docker-compose.yaml virtual-temple
  • docker:
    docker service create --name virtual-temple -p 31443:31443 innovanon/virtual-temple:latest


  • truly forked from here

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