Vite resolver for TypeScript compilerOptions.paths

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Give vite the ability to resolve imports using TypeScript's path mapping.


  1. Install as dev dependency

  2. Inject vite-tsconfig-paths using the vite.config.ts module

    import { defineConfig } from 'vite'
    import tsconfigPaths from 'vite-tsconfig-paths'
    export default defineConfig({
      plugins: [tsconfigPaths()],

Note: You need to restart Vite when you update your paths mappings.


  • root: string
    The directory to crawl for tsconfig.json files.
    Defaults to viteConfig.root

  • projects: string[]
    An array of tsconfig.json paths (relative to viteConfig.root) and/or directories that contain a tsconfig.json file.
    This overrides the root option.

  • extensions: string[]
    File extensions to search for.
    Defaults to .ts | .tsx | .js | .jsx | .mjs

  • loose: boolean
    Disable strictness that limits path resolution to TypeScript and JavaScript modules.
    Useful if you want asset URLs in Vue templates to be resolved.



If your tsconfig.json file has "allowJs": true in it, path resolution will be expanded beyond TypeScript modules. The following extensions will have their imports resolved by this plugin: .vue, .svelte, .mdx, .mjs, .js, .jsx



If the baseUrl is defined, it gets prepended to all bare imports, and its resolution will take precedence over node_modules. This is also how TypeScript does it.

Say the baseUrl is ../root and you import react. This plugin will use ../root/react if it exists. If not found, then react is resolved normally. The baseUrl is relative to the project root (where tsconfig.json lives).



The include and exclude compiler options are respected.

Internally, globrex is used for glob matching.



The DEBUG environment variable can be used to figure out why this plugin isn't working as you may have expected.

DEBUG=vite-tsconfig-paths yarn vite



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