A Vue component that formats currency.

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A Vue component that formats currency.

This uses Intl.NumberFormat:


This is a lightweight display component for localized currency display. It has no dependencies other than Vue. It supports both float and integer input, and can adjust for values stored as decimal-based subunits, such as cents, dirham, groszy, etc. Storing currency values in terms of the subunit allows you to store integers, rather than floating numbers, which ensures accuracy.

Many libraries, such as the Ruby Money and Money-Rails gems, expect monetary values to be stored as integers.


  • Supports currency value in super unit or subunit values (input can be $100.00 or 10000 cents)
  • Supports localized formatting keyed by BCP 47 language tags
  • Suuports currency symbols keyed by ISO 4217 currency codes
  • Supports suppression of the subunit display (you can display $100.65 or $101). When the subunit display is suppressed, the value will be rounded prior to display.


yarn add vue-money-format


    <money-format :value="cost" 

  import MoneyFormat from 'vue-money-format'

  export default {
    components: {
    'money-format': MoneyFormat

    data () {
      return {
        cost: 12345

Input options

  • value: Numerical input (only required input)
  • locale: Language and country information, such as 'en' or 'en-US'. Defaults to 'en'
  • currency-code: ISO 4217 3-character alpha code in upper or lower case. Defaults to 'USD'
  • subunits-value: Set to true if value is denominated in subunits, such as cents. Defaults to false
  • subunits-to-units: Set this only if you need to deviate from the minor unit value provided by ISO 4217. If you set this, the subunits-value option will be ignored.
  • hide-subunits: Do not display the subunits. Defaults to false. If you set this to true, the supplemental-precision option will be ignored.
  • supplemental-precision: Add extra precision digits beyond what is specified in ISO 4217. For example, a value of $2.2716 will normally be displaced as $2.27. If you set supplemental-precision to 1, it will be displayed as $2.272.


Changes for the current version:

  • Fixed a typo in the usage instructions
  • Upgraded Lodash



Copyright (c) 2018-2020 Ed Gomolka. Released under the MIT license. MIT