Use helpers for Vuex4 and Composition API

Usage no npm install needed!

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  import vuexUse from '';



Helpers useGetters useActions useMutations to access the Vuex 4 store using Vue 3 Composition API. Properties can be destructured and are all reactive.

There is no useState available. Getters for state properties are created automatically and accessible from useGetters.

import { useGetters, useActions, useMutations, useModel } from 'vuex-use';

export default {
    name: 'SomeComponent',
    setup () {
        const { users, adminUsers } = useGetters();
        const { loadUsers, upgradeToAdmin } = useActions();

        // Namespaced module 'auth'
        const { login, logout } = useActions('auth');

        // User has getter and setter and can be used directly in v-model
        // Getter accepts dot notation to access nested objects
        const username = useModel('user.username', 'SET_USERNAME');


        return { user, users, adminUsers, upgradeToAdmin, login, logout };