CLI for Vusion Projects, including Application and UI Library.

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CLI for developing Vusion Projects.

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npm install -g vusion

Quick Start

vusion init


  • vusion help: Show help of all commands

  • vusion -V, --version: Show the version of current CLI

  • init <type> <name>: Initialize a material

  • config <action> <key> [value]: Configure CLI options

  • publish <version>: Publish a new version

  • screenshot <url|local-file>: Take a screenshot of a web page

  • deploy: Push files to NOS static bucket

  • ghpages: Push a directory to gh-pages

  • readme: Generate final readable from api.yaml and docs

  • vetur: Generate tags.json and attributes.json for Vetur

  • diff <source> <target>: Check differences between two path files

  • sync <source> <target>: Sync files from one path to another. Support watch mode

  • help [cmd]: display help for [cmd]

Run vusion <command> --help for detailed usage of given command.